CR&C - Coaching and Facilitation

We like Steve Jobs reminding us to "Stay Hungry - Stay Foolish"


Why does CR&C do the work it does?


I believe people can be quite unusually brilliant

and things happen when you think out loud


  That is why I do what I do." 

 Eamon O'Brien  Founder of CR&C



We like the work of Marc Aspland of TheTimes who took this picture

We help people and teams explore questions such as:


How can I and my team be even better at

  • Performing at our best and accomplishing our goals?
  • Engaging with our work through thick and thin?
  • "Showing up" with a positive mindset and emotions?
  • Creating positive relationships with colleagues and clients?
  • Taking meaning, learning and enjoyment from the work we do?


How do we work at CR&C?

We bring energy, creativity and honesty to support and challenge you to think out loud


We work 1:1 with teams or groups or through tailored workshops.